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State Bar Apologizes After Emailing Boobs to Every Lawyer in Utah


If you were an attorney in Utah on Monday, watching the clock, waiting for the hours to pass by a little after 3 p.m. local time, you might have woken up a little bit when the state bar sent a surprise to their email list. In what was either an embarrassing error or a brilliant viral marketing strategy, an advertisement for the Utah Bar’s Spring Convention had a picture of a topless woman.

No caption, not even the woman’s face. Just boobs.

The email, sent to the list at 3:09 p.m. had the subject line “2018 Spring Convention Walk-Ins Welcome! Learn How!” (for all of you lawyers in the Beehive State who are frantically checking their inboxes right now). Inside was an image advertising the event with a desert background and details for the event, which features a barbecue.

Immediately below that was the picture in question, followed by details regarding online registration for the event.

Later that afternoon, the bar association sent a follow-up email and posted a tweet, apologizing and pleading ignorance as to how this possibly could have happened.

“Apologies to all who received an inappropriate email from the Utah State Bar,” they said. “We are aware of the situation and are investigating the matter.”


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