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Shirtless Man Blatantly Steals Donut Tray for YouTube Fame, Gets Burglary Charge Instead


[Warning: the above video contains strong language]

The Instagram user known as BOONK (his civilian alter ego is John Hill), has gained nearly a million followers with his outlandish videos featuring him causing commotion at various fast food establishments. Well, his daring escapades eventually caught up to him, when a stunt captured in the video above led to his arrest. Mr. Hill, shirtless, can be seen walking into a Dunkin’ Donuts, stepping on and over the counter into the area reserved for employees, then carefully choosing a tray of donuts from the display and walking out with it, all while a store employee watched, dumbstruck.

According to the Miami Herald, after the camera stopped rolling for the video, posted online on May 13, the store employee asked Hill to return the tray of snacks, valued at $38, and the generous BOONK obliged. Still, cops ended up arresting him on burglary and petit theft charges.

Hill originally pleaded not guilty to the charges, but earlier this week a judge sentenced him to 60 days of probation.

“Try Krispy Kreme, but stay out of this Dunkin’ Donuts,” the judge reportedly said.

Not one to be discouraged by the criminal justice system or common sense, good old Boonk was at it again, as shown in another video, posted to his account on Saturday.

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