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‘Record All You F***ing Want!’: Woman Melts Down, Flashes Passengers on Spirit Airlines Flight (VIDEO)

That’s the spirit?

With the advent of social media and cameras at every turn, there have been no shortage of outrageous incidents recorded on airplanes. While not all of us who have traveled by air have personally witnessed a meltdown like this one, almost everyone has certainly seen some sort of equivalent on the internet. Nonetheless, a twerking, flashing and swearing trifecta is no mere equivalent.

The video, which was recorded March 27 on a Spirit Airlines flight traveling from Orlando, Florida to Newark, N.J., shows an unidentified “unruly” woman screaming and challenging onlookers to “record all [they] fucking want.” After that, she exposed her rear-end. The footage was obtained by video content distributor ViralHog. Accompanying said footage was a quote, seemingly from the person who filmed the video.

“I was on a Spirit Airlines flight to Newark. This passenger was intoxicated and upset. The flight attendant commented on turning off her mobile device and she got mad and started yelling,” the person said.

Fellow passengers seemed more amused than perturbed by the turn of events.

“You’re so trashy! I love it!” said one person. After that remark, the back-and-forth between the woman and passengers got a little more aggressive.

“Yeah! Come fight me then bitch! Do something! Do something! Oh nothing ‘cuz you’re a pussy ass!” the allegedly drunk woman declared. After retrieving her luggage, she was escorted off of the plane. Jeers like “leave” and “bye!” could be heard as she went.

Law&Crime reached out to Spirit Airlines for comment, but their communications director appears to be out with the flu.

[Image via YouTube screengrab]

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