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Police Inspect Burglary Report to Find … Bear Playing the Piano? (WATCH)


Surveillance video captured an unusual scene in a condo in East Vail, Colorado: a bear trying his hand at playing the living room’s piano after breaking into the home.

The owner, Katie Hawley, initially believed that her condo had been burglarized when she called the police. After seeing her security footage, Hawley was surprised to see that her intruder had furry paws instead of hands.  The condo’s internal security cameras showed the bear roaming around the room and playing a few dissonant notes on the piano.  While inside, the bear stole food from the kitchen’s freezer and did minor damage to the condo.  The bear then left and is reported to still be roaming the forest outside of the condo.  Officials believe the bear entered the home through an unlatched kitchen window that the bear pushed open.

“Once I saw the bear, I thought he was pretty cute,” Hawley told CBS4, adding she was just glad it didn’t make “that big of a mess”.

“The chords captured on video were unbearable and the tune was equally grizzly,” Vail police said.  Suffice to say the bear won’t be making his concert debut anytime soon.

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