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Mom Allows Snake To Bite Baby Because She Needed To Be Taught ‘Valuable Lesson’


In a typically Floridian case of what looks like child endangerment, a mother in Florida is currently being investigated by local law enforcement after letting a snake repeatedly bite her one-year-old daughter and then posting video of the snake-bite spree on Facebook.

ABC Action News, the Tampa Bay-based affiliate, reports that the as-yet-unnamed mother has “no regrets” and stands by her decision to let the red rat snake chomp down on her daughter’s hand a few times. “It had bitten me and my son and didn’t leave a mark, several times,” she said. “I thought it was a good opportunity to introduce her without actually getting hurt,” she added, apparently believing it’s never too early to learn how to handle snakes. “People are too sensitive,” she said.

The mother said the baby was not harmed by the snake because its teeth were too small to pierce flesh. “People who know me know that I would never hurt my children,” she insisted.

The woman has yet to be charged with a crime, but the video has since been removed from Facebook.

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