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Officer Loses It, Tells Man Dog Will Rip Him Apart (Video)


Warning for language.

Police in Atlantic City are investigating after one of their own lost it during a traffic stop. Viral video shows two young men getting pulled over by cops in New Jersey. The incident apparently didn’t lead to any arrests, but that didn’t stop an officer from threatening them.

“You act like a gentleman, I’m going to treat you like a gentleman,” he said. “You frog the f— up, I guarantee that 90 pound dog is going to come out and rip the f— out of you,” later saying, “Put your hand in my face and I’m going to knock you the f— out. I’m that f—ing guy. You understand me so calm the f— down. You feel me?”

He can also be seen telling them to stop recording.

“Like I told you, you’re under lawful detention,” he said. “You’re not allowed to have your cell phone, you understand. You can turn yours off right now.”

The two young men remained in the car during the duration of the video. It’s unclear why they got pulled over. There weren’t even any arrests, according to a Fox 29 report from Wednesday.

That officer’s colleagues are now investigating.

“The Atlantic City Police Department is aware of a citizen filmed video that is circulating on social media,” the ACPD said in a statement published Wednesday. “Chief Henry White has ordered the Internal Affairs Section to begin an immediate investigation into the incident. The language and tone used by our officer in the video is concerning and is not condoned by this department. The officer involved was wearing a body worn camera which will be reviewed by detectives.”

They say the officer has been placed on administrative assignment pending the investigation’s outcome. The department adds that anyone who has complaints about an officer is free to file complaints.

“Anyone with information about this incident is urged to contact the Atlantic City Police Department Internal Affairs Section at 609-347-5833,” they said.

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