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Naturally, Suspect Hands Off Baby to Woman in the Middle of a Police Chase (VIDEO)


Today marks the day that Law&Crime has seen it all. A suspect dropped a baby off part-way through a police chase in Detroit, Michigan on Monday. No, really! We’re not kidding!

You can see it in the video above.

The driver in a red sedan slowed down near a woman in a white shirt. The woman made her way to the vehicle, opened the passenger-side rear door, and pulled out what looked an awful lot like an infant car seat.

Well, guess what: There was a 3-month-old baby in there, according to sources cited by Fox 2 Detroit. Cops pulled ground and air units off the scene, but officers attempted to box the red sedan about an hour later. Even so, the driver escaped.

This person also stopped for gas, though to be fair, there was a lot of driving going on. It would’ve been weirder if he didn’t.

All told, it was pretty chill for a police chase that involved a baby. The suspect was even seen jawing with other drivers and bystanders. As some people online noted, a few bystanders were seen apparently helping the individual.

The suspect’s name, and the reason police were chasing him remains unclear. No arrest has been announced.

Below, you can see a mostly silent WXYZ-TV stream depicting the red sedan.

[Screengrab via Fox 2 Detroit]

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