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‘I got away’: Texas man who bragged on YouTube after recording himself fleeing cops now facing felony charges


Left: Texas DPS Trooper. Right: Allen Lynch, Jr. (images via YouTube)

A Texas man is facing charges after recording himself fleeing from a state trooper during a traffic stop.

Allen Lynch Jr., 23, recorded himself being pulled over by a trooper with the Texas Department of Public Safety on Feb. 4, local ABC News affiliate KTRK reported. The trooper apparently pulled Lynch over because his temporary tags were expired.

Lynch can be heard saying that he just got the car that day, a Dodge Charger.

The trooper asks Lynch for his license and tells him to get out of the car — and that’s when Lynch took off. The trooper can be seen in the side view mirror running back to his car.

Lynch continued to record as he sped through traffic, weaving his way between cars and trucks.

“I got away,” Lynch says later in the video. He is seated in the car, apparently having pulled off the road after fleeing the officer. “I got away. Round of applause. Round of applause.”

“You think I’m going to make their job easier?” he also said. “Their job is to catch us. Our job is to run away.”

Lynch also took video of damage to one of the wheels of the car.

He is now charged with evading police, KTRK reported.

“It was brazen, and it demonstrated that he doesn’t fully understand the responsibility that comes with driving a vehicle,” Lt. Craig Cummings with Texas DPS told KTRK. “It puts lives at risk needlessly, and he had a cavalier attitude about it.”

Four days later, on Feb. 8, Lynch was arrested, according to KTRK. He has since reportedly posted a $10,000 bond.

KTRK reported that this isn’t Lynch’s first attempt at fleeing a traffic stop.

“That’s like the third time they tried me, bro,” Lynch says in the video. “They keep trying me, bro. I don’t know what they want from me that they’re not going to get. They have to catch me first.”

According to KTRK, court documents say that Lynch fled from a trooper in September who pulled him over for a temporary tag.

Texas DPS confirmed Lynch Jr’s arrest with Law&Crime and that this was not the first time he has allegedly fled from law enforcement.

“Our investigators confirmed the person on the video was the same person who fled from Troopers on two occasions in a vehicle,” Cummings told Law&Crime.

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