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Men Get into Wild, Bloody Fight, Then End It with Hug (VIDEO)


Two men can be seen on video beating the crap out of each other on a train, then ending the fight with a hug. A passenger literally said “aw” when it happened. This story comes out of Sydney, Australia. It’s unclear who these guys are, and what started the brawl, at least going by The Daily Mail account.

Apparently, they got into an argument Tuesday night on the local Inner West commuter line. The situation escalated pretty quickly. An older man in a tank top and cap can be seen leaning over a younger male passenger in a pink shirt and glasses. For ease of description, we’ll just call them by what they’re wearing.

Glasses calls Cap a “junkie,” while Cap calls Glasses the slur for gay men.

Cap apparently jabs Glasses in the chest. Glasses stands, and punches the older man several times in the face. They grapple for a minute, with Cap getting on top of Glasses. Waitaminute. Is Glasses using jiu-jitsu?

“Can you call the police, mate?” another passenger says.

The fight ends after he plants his feet to the old man’s waist, and shoves him off.

Glasses–shirt open, and no longer wearing glasses–starts an attempt to stop the fight.

“Hey, you had a crack at me first,” he says. “Please, this is not how I planned my night to go.”

Cap seems to have blood on the left side of his face.

“If you don’t mean it, I don’t mean it,” Glasses says.

The men hug twice. We weren’t kidding about a passenger saying “aw.”

“What happened?” another commuter says toward the end of the video.

It’s unclear if police ever did get involved.

[Screengrab via Storyful Rights Management]

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