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Man Charged After Being Caught on Video Whipping Boy 62 Times


WARNING: for disturbing content.

27-year-old Kordarell Williams beat his girlfriend’s 7-year-old son, the Harris County Precinct 1 Constable’s Office said Friday. Their evidence? They claim he’s the man on tape brutally whipping a small boy with an apparent belt. The video, which is hard to watch, shows him hitting the child dozens of times in five minutes, all over his body.

“This guy ravaged this kid, he was hit 62 times, we counted,” Constable Alan Rosen told ABC 13 in a Monday report. “He was bent over the hood of a car and hit with a belt. It’s just an extremely sad situation.”

Officials say it happened Thursday in northwest Houston, Texas. Surveillance footage, intended to catch illegal dumping, caught a man thrashing a child. Williams was arrested after an almost three hour investigation, and charged with causing injury to a child, a felony.

The child was sent to a hospital, and he’s reportedly doing well, all things considered. Child Protective Services told ABC 13 that they’re not taking the him into custody. The outlet showed up to the mother’s home. A woman answered the door, but refused to give comment.

If Williams bonds out of Harris County Jail, he is not allowed to visit the boy or the family.

[Screengrab via Harris County]

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