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‘It’s Perverted’: Nikolas Cruz is Getting Racy Fan Mail from Teens and It’s Creeping Out His Lawyer


Parkland shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz is getting some naughty fan mail while he’s incarcerated at Broward County Jail.

Male and female admirers of different ages have been sending letters — and in some cases, picture — to Cruz, according to the Sun Sentinel newspaper, who obtained copies of some of the correspondences.

“I’m 18-years-old, I’m a senior in high school. When I saw your picture on the television, something attracted me to you,” one female wrote. “Your eyes are beautiful and the freckles on your face make you so handsome.” She also noted, “I’m really skinny and have 34C sized breasts.”

Another teen sent a letter from New York with pink hearts on it, saying, “I know you could use a good friend right now.”

A Chicago woman sent Cruz a series of photos, one featuring her cleavage, another of her in a bikini eating a popsicle, and another of her butt.

A man with a gray mustache sent pictures of himself sitting in a convertible.

Howard Finkelstein, the Broward County Public Defender whose office is representing Cruz, said this deluge of fan mail is unlike anything he’s ever encountered.

“In my 40 years as public defender, I’ve never seen this many letters to a defendant,” Finkelstein said. “Everyone now and then gets a few, but nothing like this.”

The public defender was unnerved by how many ordinary people are admiring the man who admitted to the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

“The letters shake me up because they are written by regular, everyday teenage girls from across the nation,” he said. “That scares me. It’s perverted.”

Cruz doesn’t see or hear about these letters, as his mail (except for correspondence with lawyers) is opened and inspected by jail officials.

“We read a few religious ones to him that extended wishes for his soul and to come to God,” Finkelstein said, “but we have not and will not read him the fan letters or share the photos of scantily-clad teenage girls.”

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