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It’s Not Just Women Who Want The ‘Tampon Tax’ Repealed


shutterstock_230432302Two Chicago aldermen proposed an ordinance to repeal the “unfair” and “discriminatory” so-called tampon tax in the city. One city official pushing for the change is a woman — but, surprisingly the other anti-tampon tax supporter is none other than Chicago’s longest serving alderman. Edward Burke, now 72-years-old, was first elected to office in 1969, and he is apparently just outraged about the hefty tax we pay for feminine hygiene products.

“This tax only affects women. Is that fair?”Alderman Burke told DNAinfo. “These are not luxury items, and Chicago needs to lead the way in eliminating this unfair tax,” he said. Mayor Rahm Emanuel has apparently already signed off on the idea.

In Chicago, tampons and pads are taxed like any other common product at 10.25 percent (6.25 state tax, 1.75 county tax, 1.25 city tax and 1 percent transit tax). The proposed ordinance would remove the city tax by categorizing tampons as a medical device.

Chicago is one of several cities pushing to repeal the “tampon tax.” Women were outraged after several publications, including Fusion, documented that in some areas of the country tampons faced heavier sales taxes than candy. The investigation found only five states have actively made decision not to tax tampons: Maryland, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, and New Jersey.  Interestingly, the report pointed out that some states don’t tax things like pregnancy tests, heating pads and incontinence pads.

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