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Italian Teacher Allegedly Tells Class She Can Say the N-Word Because She Had a Black Nanny (VIDEO)


A schoolteacher in Wisconsin is on paid leave as school district officials assess a video which appears to show her repeatedly using a racial slur during class.

According to local CBS affiliate WDJT 58, the Kenosha Unified School District is currently investigating the controversial video recorded by a student on November 29 at Bradford High School in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

A student in the classroom reportedly used the n-word which upset some of the other students. The Italian teacher apparently decided to deal with the situation by using the n-word herself–multiple times in quick succession–and then informing students that it’s really not a big deal.

I can say it! [n-word repeats roughly six times]

She also apparently offered her reasoning.

“She brought up that when she was younger she had a nanny who was of color, and that people often called her nanny that so she felt comfortable using that type of language,” parent Kristal Manthe told the outlet.

Manthe has a son and sister in the class and doesn’t think the language or justification was acceptable.

“Her influence on [the children in her class] is going to make them think that this type of language is okay in the future,” she said, “and that really bothered me.”

Another student’s father said that he took the issue up with the school’s principal on the same day the slur was used but that nothing was done to discipline the teacher or follow up on the incident until now.

The school district, however, says they learned about the incident just this week.

“The district was made aware of this incident today and has launched an investigation,” a Monday statement claimed. “The employee has been placed on paid leave while the investigation is completed, however, no additional details can be shared due to personnel privacy rights.”

[image via screengrab/CBS 58]

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