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Four Female Cops Caught Posing With Male Strippers at Senior Center (SEE)


Apparently, it’s against NYPD policy for officers to pose with strippers at a senior center. Who knew?

The picture above was taken at ARC Senior Center during a Mother’s Day event, according to The New York Daily News. An officer can be seen pointing to the gentleman’s G-stringed crotch. A second dancer can be seen in the right-hand of the image, apparently wearing a sailor’s hat.

“What were they thinking?” said a police source, who is described as chuckling.

Police spokesperson Sgt. Jessica McRorie said cops didn’t know there would be strippers at the event.

“The senior center participants encouraged the officers to pose for the picture,” she said. “The commanding officer is aware and will address the incident at the precinct level.”

The officers were identified as belonging to the 33rd Precinct in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Manhattan. They could be disciplined over this, but it’s not like other police are actively coming for their jobs, though. The picture reportedly circulated among other officers, and people seemed to find it pretty amusing.

“Everyone’s having a good time there,” said an unidentified source at the 33rd Precinct. “It’s not like the cops are the ones stripping. Come on, how does that not make those cops more endearing? They’re there having a good time with the people there.”

Two officers were identified as Sector David NCOs Amber Guzman and Nathalie Lebron. They did not provide comment to the outlet.

[Image via Spencer Platt/Getty Images]

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