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Family Says Video Catches Person Putting Poison on Toddler’s Slide


A couple in Cobb County, Georgia says someone sprayed “poison” on their young son’s slide. Now police are investigating.

Kathleen Petka and Jeff Petka sounded absolutely surprised in their talk with WSB-TV. Their son, 2-and-a-half years son, has a slide they keep in their front yard.

“You think you can leave your kids toys out and they’d be safe,” Kathleen said.

Apparently not true. Their surveillance camera picked up a curious sight Thursday morning at around 4:30 a.m. It recorded a person apparently walking up to the slide, and putting some sort of substance on it.

They claim it’s some kind of poison. Their reasoning: There must be some on the suspect’s footwear because the grass died wherever he stepped.

“For something to basically almost burn or kill the grass within that quick [amount of time] would have to be some sort of poisonous substance,” Jeff said.

They believe this is a random act since no neighbors told similar stories. Nonetheless, they’ve started bringing in their son’s toys at night.

[Screengrab via WSB-TV]

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