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Deputy Pushed Woman’s Motorized Wheelchair One Mile Home After It Stalled


The Lancaster Sheriff’s Station credited two of their deputies Tuesday with helping an elderly woman. Authorities say Steve Montanez and Shane Chapman responded to a call about a wheelchair in the middle of the road. At the scene, they found the woman sitting on it. The motorized wheelchair had run out of power, so she was stranded, said the sheriff’s station.

Montanez and Chapman offered her a ride in their vehicle, but she became upset that she had to leave the chair behind. Neither could it fit in their cruiser, authorities said. It was her only way to get around.

Nonetheless, Montanez offered to pushed to the woman’s wheelchair home, about one mile away. Video released by the station shows Chapman teasing his partner about the pace.

“You can pick it up,” he says. “We’re only going about one mile an hour right now.” The woman can be heard laughing.

[Screengrab via Lancaster Sheriff’s Station]

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