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Dancing Doctor Who Made Music Videos During Procedures Hit with Multiple Lawsuits


A Georgia doctor who posted videos on YouTube where she operated on patients while singing and dancing is facing lawsuits from several patients who accuse her of malpractice.

Not only is Dr. Windell Boutte accused of posting images and videos of her patients on YouTube and Instagram without permission, some claim they suffered injuries as a result of Boutte’s treatment.

Gloria Slater told WSB-TV that she developed an infection after going to Boutte for a tummy tuck, and when she went back for treatment, Boutte allegedly had to cut out the infected area. Slater claims the wound from the treatment took a year to close, leaving a giant scar she refers to as a “Joker smile.” Slater said that Boutte did not use anesthesia when she used a scalpel to cut her.

Slater spoke out about her situation because she is unable to sue due to the statute of limitations.

Another patient, Monte Jackson, said she was billed $29,000 for spending four nights in the hospital after a procedure Boutte performed on her. She claims she suffered a blood clot as a result of the treatment.

“I think Dr. Boutte is a reckless physician who does not have her patient’s best interest in mind,” Jackson said.

To add insult to alleged injury, Jackson says her bare butt was shown in a video of her procedure that Boutte posted on the internet. When she filled out an authorization form, she wrote “N/A” instead of signing her name, to protect her privacy.

“I specifically went out of my way to make sure my pictures did not end up on social media,” she said. While her face was not shown, Jackson says that doesn’t matter.

According to WSB, Boutte has posted 20 videos online, and in at least one can be seen actually performing an incision on a patient.

A compilation of some of the videos can be viewed here, courtesy of WSB-TV:

Other lawsuits against Boutte include sisters who claim they went to Boutte in 2015 for a procedure called Smart Lipo that uses lasers. Instead of Smart Lipo, Mitzi McFarland and Kristine Dolly allege that Boutte performed conventional liposuction them, leaving significant scarring.

“It’s more like Freddie Krueger cut my stomach,” McFarland said.

Law&Crime reached out to Boutte’s office for comment.

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