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Customer Allegedly Threatens Clerk With Guns After Jar of Pennies Refused as Payment


A late-night stop at a Florida 7-11 went from bizarre to scary for the employee working behind the counter early Wednesday morning. The clerk told Melbourne Police that at around 1:30 am, a woman went to the counter with a few items, and tried to hand him a jar of dirty pennies as payment. When he wouldn’t accept the coins, she started threatening him.

The suspect, who was caught on security camera, started throwing things at the clerk and knocking items off the counter, after the store employee said there were too many pennies for the store to accept, police told Florida Today. She allegedly threatened to kill him, then  left the store, only to return with two guns, only to eventually leave again.

Several people were reportedly in the store and witnessed the altercation. The clerk suffered minor injuries, according to authorities. The suspect still hasn’t been found, but she could face charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, battery, and criminal mischief.

[Image via Melbourne Police Department]

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