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Convenience Store Clerk Allegedly Staged Robbery with Boyfriend Hours Before Getting Engaged


A North Carolina woman and her boyfriend have been accused of staging a robbery shortly before getting engaged, according to the Morganton Public Safety DepartmentCallie Elizabeth Carswell faces a count each of armed robbery, misused of 911, and filing a false police report. Clarence William Moore III is charged with armed robbery.

Authorities claim Carswell reported there being a robbery at Big Daddy’s convenience store on Monday at 10:06 p.m. An unidentified man went into the business armed with a long curved knife. He demanded money from Carswell, the store clerk, according to this initial account. This individual left the scene in a grey Toyota Camry, and he was described as being a black or older white man with a “deep voice,” standing 6 feet, and weighing 250 pounds, authorities said.

Carswell’s story began falling apart, officials said. Her account didn’t match up with the store footage, they claim. Investigators later determined that she wasn’t a victim, and that it was her boyfriend Moore (who is white) that entered the business and demanded cash. The couple allegedly planned this together, and made off with $2,960.

According to investigators, Carswell let them search her cell phone. They found footage of her and Moore in the early morning hours after the robbery, authorities said. The couple were getting engaged at Walmart, officials said. Receipts obtained via search warrant showed that they’d bought engagement rings there, according to authorities.

Investigators found money from the store in Moore vehicle, as well as a handwritten list of stuff required to stage the robbery, according to the public safety department. A search of the couple’s home turned up the weapon and clothes Moore wore during the staged robbery, officials said.

More charges are pending, authorities said. It’s unclear if the co-defendants have attorneys at this time.

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