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College Student Suspended After Grading Ex’s Break Up Letter


Remember Nick Lutz? He’s the guy who graded his ex-girlfriend’s break up letter, and posted it on Twitter. Her grade: D-. Well, that has gotten him suspended from the University of Central Florida, and he’s lawyered up.

“My main goal was never to expose her,” he told WFTV in their story about the suspension. “It was to show the emphasis on the letter.”

Nonetheless, UCF suspended him for two semesters and put him on probation, he said. The process started after his ex filed a complaint with the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office. No charges were filed, however, though the school eventually said Lutz broke UCF rules on disruption and cyberbulling.

With his attorney at his side, he told WFTV that this violates his First Amendment rights. They dispute the bullying claim, saying that he never identified the ex, who doesn’t go to the school.

Lutz is appealing the suspension. reached out to the University of Central Florida for comment.

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