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Arsonist Accidentally Set Feet Ablaze When Lighting Office on Fire (VIDEO)


A recent arson out of Catawba County, North Carolina could have gone way better for the perpetrator. As seen on video, an individual started fire in a local business at night, but they made a bit of a miscalculation by setting their feet ablaze in addition to the premises.

Deputies with the Catawba County Sheriff’s Office said firefighters were called to the Lake Norman RV Resort on Saturday, November 1 at 1 a.m. The business sustained heavy damage in the flames. Deputies and the local Fire Marshal’s Office looked into it, and discovered through the surveillance system that an individual in black pants, a black hoodie and white face mask entered the office with a pry bar and red gas can. This person broke into the office, poured accelerant there, and started the fire, officials said.

As seen on the video released by authorities, the perpetrator lit something, and the entire frame of the camera was covered in a blinding white flash. The light died down to reveal that the office was on the fire, and the person was gone. An external camera revealed, however, that this individual was hauling ass out of the building, their feet very much on fire.

The individual dropped a burning object, which deputies described as a stolen bag of money. They began running off down the roadway, leaving the bag behind after a failed attempt to pick it up. It was still burning.

‘It is suspected that this person suffered burns during this incident,” deputies said. The sheriff’s office asks that anyone with information call (828) 464-3112.

[Screengrab via Catawba County Sheriff’s Office]

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