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Investigators tracked married man to where he buried murdered girlfriend in shallow grave: Affidavit

Deputies claim Ocastor Shavon Ferguson kidnapped and murdered Kayla Kelley. (Image of Ferguson via Collin County Jail; image of Kelley via Collin County Sheriff's Office)

Deputies claim Ocastor Shavon Ferguson kidnapped and murdered Kayla Kelley. (Image of Ferguson via Collin County Jail; image of Kelley via Collin County Sheriff’s Office)

Investigators claimed to have tracked a married man to where he buried his slain girlfriend’s body in a shallow grave after he killed her. As previously reported, Ocastor Shavon Ferguson, 32, was charged first with kidnapping Kayla Kelley, 33, then with murdering her when authorities in Collin County, Texas, found her remains.

In a newly released arrest warrant affidavit, investigators maintain they used cellphone data to track him down to where they found the slain woman’s badly burned car, and also to a wooded area near his home. It was in this wooded area that authorities claimed to find Kelley’s body.

“A deeper analysis of phone data from Ferguson’s phone showed text messages were sent to three other women around 0231 hours on January 10, 2023 stating Ferguson had a wife and a girlfriend,” authorities wrote. “Investigators also learned Ferguson created an account with a ride share service and used that service to get a ride from Frisco to Grand Prairie on January 11, 2023.”

“Location data revealed Ferguson left work on January 10, 2023 and went to a wooded area near his residence. Investigators went to that area and located Kelley’s body. Kelley was found buried in a shallow grave. After Ferguson leaves the wooded area, he then drives to the Frisco area where Kelley’s vehicle is found burned,” the affidavit states.

Collin County deputies were first contacted on Jan. 11 when Kelley was reported missing. Investigators’ main lead was her boyfriend, only known as “Kevin.” According to loved ones, Kelley recently learned that he was actually married.

“Kelley told friends she was going to blackmail ‘Kevin,'” investigators wrote in the kidnapping affidavit. “Friends and family advised Kelley they did not want to talk to her about dating a married man, so no one had any further information about ‘Kevin.'”

Authorities checked on her duplex, where they found her dog all alone without food and water, the canine even having to use the bathroom on the floor. Deputies said it seemed that the canine had been alone for several days.

“Friends and relatives advised Kelley’s dog was like her child and she would never leave it alone for an extended period of time,” they said.

On Jan. 12, the Frisco Police Department found Kelley’s car “burned beyond recognition” in what was not a natural fire.

Investigators tracked down “Kevin,” who they said was Ferguson. He allegedly admitted dating Kelley and that he used a pseudonym with her, but claimed he last saw her on Jan. 10 when she dropped him off at work and she did not return to bring him lunch or pick him up as planned. Later, after authorities tracked Ferguson to the location of the vehicle burning, he denied knowing Kelley’s whereabouts, according to the affidavit. He allegedly told a different story about Jan. 10, however.

“During the interview, Ferguson stated Kelley picked him up from work on Tuesday and they went to her residence,” authorities wrote in the murder affidavit. “When asked where she was in the vehicle, Ferguson responded she was in the back.”

Investigators previously claimed that Ferguson’s wife reported their car missing and that authorities found it near Kelley’s home.

“Ferguson advised his car was at Kelley’s duplex because he was hiding it from his wife,” authorities wrote.

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