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Allegedly Intoxicated Police Chief Didn’t Know What Day it Was During Traffic Stop (VIDEO)


Video released Thursday shows former Mantua Police Chief Shane Zilles being arrested for a DUI, according to the Utah Highway Patrol. Officials say that that’s him getting pulled over while driving a patrol car on January 29.

Footage shows the driver, identified as Zilles, apparently cooperating with highway patrol, and submitting to sobriety tests. This included the arresting officer waving a finger in front of the man’s face, and telling him to follow the finger with his eyes.

“Your eyes are just barely open,” says the trooper. “Could you open your eyelids? Yeah, there you go. Like that.”

The driver is then made to walk heel-to-toe, but seems to struggle with that portion of the test.

“Do you understand how I want you to walk?” says the trooper.

The driver denied drinking alcohol, and he tested negative in a breathalyzer test, but the trooper determined that he was on some sort of medication.

The trooper determined the driver’s balance was really bad, that his eyes were “all over the place” during a test, and that he didn’t follow all of the instructions during certain parts of the test. The officer asked the suspect if there was any medications that might be influencing his behavior. A lot portion of the audio was then omitted, but it picks up again when the trooper asks him when he last had his last dose of medication.

“A couple of hours ago?” says the man identified as Zilles.

The trooper asks what time is.

“No,” says Zilles. He guesses four or five.

The trooper asks what day it is.

“Sunday,” says Zilles. “No, Monday.”

January 29 was a Tuesday.

“Shane, I hate to do this,” says the trooper. “It’s an awkward position for me to do, but I don’t think you’re safe to be driving, and unfortunately, I don’t have much of a choice. I’m going to place you under arrest.”

Zilles was charged February 8 with DUI and reckless driving. His attorney of record did not immediately respond to a Law&Crime request for comment.

The defendant was fired last month, soon after the arrest.

“We wish to commend the Utah Highway patrol for the professional manner in which they handled a difficult situation,” Mantua Mayor Michael Johnson said in a statement provided to Law&Crime. “It is always unpleasant when called upon to take such action against another police officer. We also hope that Mr. Zilles can work his way thru this tough time and find a better path in the future. It appears that prescription meds have claimed another good person’s reputation. We are so thankful that no property was damaged and no people were injured in this unfortunate situation.”

[Screengrab via Utah Highway Patrol]

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