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9-Pound Chihuahua Survived Getting Shot in Face by Now-Fired Deputy, Sheriff Says


[This video may be disturbing.]

A dog survived getting shot in the face by a now-fired sheriff’s deputy in Arkansas on Friday, authorities said. Reese the chihuahua suffered a broken jaw, and received medical treatment at a vet, according to KATV.

“To see that little dog get shot for no reason–it wasn’t a threat,” said Doug Canady, the man who said he recorded video of the incident.

Reese, who reportedly weighs nine pounds, is described as a neighborhood dog. She was “sweet” and didn’t bite people, child Myranda Dixson told the outlet.

Footage showed a deputy shooting the animal in the face on Canady’s lawn. Sheriff Tim Ryals of Faulkner County said Saturday that the official in question, Keenan Wallace, has been fired.

“Are you fucking kidding me!” says Canady in the video, as Reese yelps from her injury. “Are you fucking kidding me. You’re fucking kidding me.” He threatens to contact the sheriff about this, but Wallace approaches with what seems to be a taser.

Canady chews out the deputy for shooting Reese. Wallace says he told him to step up to the road, but Canady says he didn’t have to because he was on his property.

“That’s how your dog got shot,” Wallace says.

Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson deputy Erinn Stone told The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette that Wallace had been responding to a service call, but didn’t say much more than that.

Canady said the dispute started because a woman was standing in front of his home pointing a gun at Reese and in the direction of his home. According to him, he told her to stop, but she called law enforcement.

An initial news release from the sheriff’s office described the dog as “aggressive.” Ryals later said it seemed like no law was broken, but added that Wallace had plenty of opportunity to deescalate the situation. They will forward the case to the prosecuting attorney’s office for review, he said.

T. Greg Doucette, a criminal defense lawyer who posted the video to his Twitter account, argued that Wallace was trespassing on Canady’s property, but would “almost certainly” be granted qualified immunity for the shooting in the event of a lawsuit.

A GoFundMe was set up to pay for Reese’s healthcare.

[Image via screengrab from Doug Canady]

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