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Woman Arrested for Starting Fatal House Fire Caught on Video


A fire caught on video left one man dead, a destroyed home, and a woman facing a possible homicide charge.

72-year-old Willie O. Greer died Friday evening in Milwaukee, Minnesota after a woman set a fire at a rooming house, police said. Footage shows a woman apparently dumping oil from a red gas can through a first-floor window, then lighting a fire that spread through the building. A female resident quickly escaped, and others tried to break in to save a resident still inside. Witness Dora Johnson, who recorded the incident, told WDJT that the suspect seemed to be high on drugs.

Cops have a 39-year-old women in custody but didn’t confirm to the outlet if she was the same person as in the footage. This is being investigated as an arson/homicide.

[Screengrab via Dora Johnson]

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