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Wild Christmas Day Brawl Wrecks Waffle House (WATCH)


Waffle House employees at a North Carolina location had a lot of cleaning to do after a fight wrecked the place. Jasmine Jackson, 28, was arrested for damage to real property, assault and battery, and simple misdemeanor possession of marijuana, Fayetteville Police Officer Asia Cannon toldĀ Law&Crime in an email.

Cops got called to the restaurant early Christmas Day at about 12:35 a.m., Cannon wrote. According to the responding officers, they discovered that Jackson was told to leave because of a verbal disturbance. But she refused to go, instead attacking an employee, and damaging property, Cannon said.

A Facebook user under the name Tedbundy Mello uploaded four videos linked to the incident.

“I was just trying eat [sic],” he wrote. Just take a look at the brawl that ruined his meal. Whew! We weren’t kidding about the clean up. Footage shows all sorts of things strewn about: a red stool, trash, a broom…in one video, a person throws an object across the restaurant. In another, the melee got so bad that several people started grappling behind the counter, as apparent employees tried to break up the fight.

“All I really know is the fight broke out over a messed up food order,” Mello wrote Law&Crime in a direct message. “Next thing I know ketchup bottles and dishes starting flying.”

Note: This article has been updated to reflect a statement from a Fayetteville Police Department spokesperson.

[Screengrab via Tedbundy Mello]

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