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WATCH: Angry Young Man Goes Nuts Destroying Pro-Life Display on College Campus


An extremely angry young man apparently did not like seeing a pro-life display erected on the Texas State University Campus and another, self described “progressive activist” was nearby and managed to capture it all on video.

Campus Reform reports the incident occurred on Monday when a young man approached an older man who was setting up a pro-life display.   The young man is identified as a student by the news outlet, but LawNewz could not confirm whether he actually attends he school.  Nonetheless, he seemingly became enraged at the sight of pro-life posters and began punching and kicking one of them.

“Get the fuck out of here with this bullshit!” the crazed younger man can heard yelling in the video. “This is fucking bullshit! Get this shit out of here!”

Emma Brockway, the Texas State student and admitted “progressive activist” who videotaped the scene tweeted out a message of support along with the video.

“I am a supporter of free speech, but again, I think everyone was secretly wanting to do what he did,” Brockway’s tweet said.

The older gentleman attempted to reason with the younger man, telling him it was just “free speech.”  Yet, the younger man was having none of it and responded, “No it is not man, it is wrong.”

Many people on twitter identified as Texas State students supported the actions of the younger man.  However, the student body Vice President, Colton Duncan, made it clear in a message that resorting to violence is never the right answer to counter political speech.  He also urged an end to the “growing trend of resorting to violence” with disagreements on campus.

“It is very unfortunate to see radicalism, in whatever form it may come, whether it’s disgustingly racist flyers posted on campus, radical speakers funded and sponsored by the University, or the vandalization of property,” Duncan said in a statement to the news outlet.

A Texas State University spokesman confirmed to LawNewz that a University Police “criminal mischief” investigation was currently underway in response to the incident.  Though, the spokesman did not seem to agree with the study body vice president’s characterization of a “growing” amount of violence at the school.  The spokesman said they have had demonstrations in the past, but he does not recall a significant event occurring for several months.

He further stated they are still attempting to identify the younger male in the video and see if he is a student.  If it is determined the young man was a student, the spokesman said he would be subject to the campus discipline process.

The incident occurred in a designated free speech zone, according to the spokesman and he said the older gentleman went through all proper channels to get the right to use the area and to set up posters.

“The school welcomes everyone to use free speech zone,” the spokesman told LawNewz.

Luckily, no one was injured in all the craziness.

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