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WATCH: Out of Control ‘Professor’ Screams at Cops for Keeping Mob Away From ‘Nazi’ Gavin McInnes


(VIDEO of “Professor” starts around 10:20)

Right-leaning politcal media figure Gavin McInnes was reportedly targeted by mass protests and there were also apparently some calls for violence against him outside New York University on Thursday night.  One woman who claimed to be a professor even shouted at NYPD officers for not allowing the mob to have its way with the “Nazi” McInnes.

The protests were said to led by the “anti-fascist” group Black bloc, according to

McInnes was reportedly in campus to give a speech to students when he was repeatedly heckled and interrupted. As he tried to leave after the speech, he was then reportedly confronted by the Black bloc and other groups of protesters and masked activists, some of whom allegedly assaulted McInnes and used pepper spray on him

“I saw Gavin McInnes and I wanted to punch him in the fucking face, but he got away,” one protester was reportedly overheard saying. A woman who claimed to be a professor screamed at uniformed NYPD cops, called people “Nazis” and made quite a scene that was all captured on film. The “action” starts in the video above at about the 10:20 mark.

“You are f*cking assholes!” the self proclaimed professor shouted at the cops.  She then accused them of “protecting the Nazis!” A large contingent of NYPD officers had arrived to safely escort McInnes out of the area after the protests sprung up.

“You should kick their ass!” the woman continued, seemingly calling for the cops to turn on McInnes and his group.

Her rant continues for several more minutes and she continues too get more and more hateful.

A spokesman for NYU told LawNewz that they are aware of the situation but do not recognize the woman as a member of the NYU faculty.   The spokesman said it was a public street and it could’ve been anyone just claiming to be a professor.

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