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Watch: Lyft Driver Gets Beatdown From Group Of Dirt Bikers, Cops Say


A San Francisco Lyft driver was allegedly the victim of a brutal beatdown at the hands of a group of dirt bikers on the side of a busy highway, the California Highway Patrol says.  And a witness captured the horrific scene on cellphone video.

A local news station in San Francisco spoke with a witness who videotaped the incident that apears to show bikers surrounding a vehicle and forcing it to a stop.  The witness the news station what happened next:

“And then they approached the vehicle and they started punching in the panels on the vehicle and hitting the windows, breaking the windows. Another vehicle impeded my view so I couldn’t see exactly if he was, the man was pulled from the vehicle or if he got out on his own. Four to five men were hitting him, kicking him even when he was down, very clearly they broke his leg.”

The witness claimed he got out of his vehicle to offer help to the victim once the bikers rode off and described how he found the driver seriously injured, likely suffering from a broken leg and bleeding from his face.

“These guys obviously think they can do just whatever they want. These are the types of incidents that really need to get attention and that really need to get prosecuted,” the witness said, hoping the bikers are caught.

The California Highway Patrol told the news station they do not advise motorists to exit their vehicles in these situations and they have the motorist’s video and are attempting to find the suspects.

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