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WATCH LIVE: Dalia Dippolito Murder-for-Hire Retrial Day 3


The retrial of a Florida woman accused of paying an undercover cop $7,000 to kill is underway and is carrying a livestream of the trial that can be watched when court is in session, above.

Dalia Dippolito was captured on cameras during the television show “Cops” paying an undercover officer, but she says the entire thing was set up by “a corrupt department” to impress the producers of the television show.

The prosecution called only two witnesses to the stand on Thursday. The first witnesses, Officer Widy Jean, was the undercover cop who posed as a hit man when he allegedly spoke with Dippolito about her desire to have her husband killed.

The prosecution also played audio and video recordings for the jury that they say captured conversations between Jean and Dippilito.  Prosecutors claim one video also shows Dippolito giving a cash down payment to Jean for the “hit.” The payment is a key point for prosecutors as they argue it shows Dippolito’s willingness and intent to have her husband killed.

In television interviews after the first trial, Dippolito has claimed she never intended to have her husband killed and she was just putting on an “act.” The lead detective also testified on Thursday for the prosecution, but during cross-examination defense attorney Brian Claypool went right after the cop’s credibility and attempted to discredit the cop in the eyes of the jury.

The prosecutor told the court they finished presenting evidence after the lead detective testified and then it was the defense’s turn to put on their case. They called one witness Thursday afternoon and a majority of their defense is expected to focus on alleged police misconduct in the handling of the sting operation that caught Dippolito.

Dippolito was convicted at her first trial in 2011 and sentenced to 20-years in prison for solicitation to commit first-degree murder with a firearm.  However, an appeals court overturned her conviction in 2014 and granted her a new trial

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