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WATCH: Insane Road Rage Incident Leads to Multi-Vehicle Wreck


A California man was cruising down the highway in Santa Clarita, when he noticed some aggressive behavior between a motorcyclist and the driver of a nearby car. Chris Traber and Tim Morrison had a clear view of what was going on, and Traber started recording what was happening in front of him right before things got nuts.

Traber and Morrison said that it all started when the sedan cut off the motorcycle, according to KTLA, the camera didn’t start recording until afterwards. The motorcycle driver can be seen kicking the side of the sedan, which then swerves towards him, right into the median, then back towards the center of the highway, plowing right into an Escalade, sending the luxury SUV flipping upside down.

The driver of the Escalade had moderate injuries and was taken to a local hospital, authorities said. Morrison told the local news station that he received an update from police that the driver was okay.

Police are investigating a possible hit-and-run, since the motorcycle driver drove away from the crash.

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