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WATCH: Hit-And-Run Driver Plows Over Gas Station Attendant to Allegedly Avoid Paying $25 Tab


Police in New Jersey are searching for the driver of vehicle that ran over a gas station attendant during  an alleged attempt to getaway without paying for $25 in gas.

A local news station obtained surveillance video from the gas station and spoke with Atilla Tas, the attendant involved in the incident. According to Tas, the hit-and-run driver pulled up and asked him to fill up his vehicle.  However, the driver sped off when it came time to pay the $25 tab.

Tas said everything after that happened very quickly.  The next thing he knew, he was laying on his back in the middle of the road. Tas had run after the driver, who made a sudden u-turn after exiting the gas station parking lot and then plowed right into Tas.  He was struck with enough force to be flipped up on the hood of the vehicle and then fell back down on to the road.

The driver briefly paused for a moment, but then took off again after seemingly watching Tas get to this feet. Police are still attempting to learn the identify of the driver. Tas managed to walk away without any serious injuries, but did say that he had some swelling and pain in his legs.

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