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Trump Supporters Beaten By Anti-Fascists At Berkeley Protests (VIDEO)


In a short clip, two Trump supporters can be seen amidst a chaotic mix of cameras, anti-fascists, anarchists, peaceful protesters, various onlookers, and green-hatted legal observers with the National Lawyers Guild.

As the video begins, the smaller, long-haired man runs up to the marching anarchists and anti-fascists and immediately–seemingly without provocation–blasts them with pepper spray at least twice. The larger man, hair closely-cropped, puts on a sour face and pleads:

“What are you guys beating us up for?”

Someone off-camera shouts, “He’s macing [inaudible]!”

The smaller man then grabs the larger man’s hand and they attempt to stand their ground but are systematically pushed back by the surging crowd before a large collection of fists and what appear to be homemade shields rain down on the pepper spray-wielding Trump supporter.

The larger man grabs his friend and is then sucked into the beatdown himself.

In the distance someone cries out, “Leave ’em alone,” all the while whistles blare, adding to the chaotic nature of the scene at Berkeley on Sunday.

The violence there was the result of two competing demonstrations more or less literally running into each other. A small group of right-wing and Trump supporters had gathered for a “No to Marxism in America” rally, while a much larger group of around 2,000 came to the storied Free Speech-centric campus for a “Rally Against Hate”.

In all, 13 people were arrested on a range of charges.

[image via screengrab]

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