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That Time OJ Apparently Forgot About the Whole Double Murder Thing During His Parole Hearing


We at and the LawNewz Network will be covering O.J. Simpson‘s parole hearing next week, where there is a significant chance the former football star could go free, having served nine years after a conviction for an armed robbery where he and others held two men at gunpoint while taking sports memorabilia that originally belonged to Simpson. In preparation for this, we’ve been looking back at Simpson’s earlier hearing from a few years ago, when he was actually granted parole for some of his charges. Despite the positive outcome for “The Juice,” there was one really awkward moment.

During the risk assessment portion of the hearing, Simpson was asked how old he was when he was first arrested. Simpson said, “61 maybe,” referring to when he was arrested for the robbery. In a cringe-worthy moment, the woman interviewing Simpson stated, “The PSI indicates that in 1994 you were arrested at the age of 46.” This arrest, of course, was for the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. While Simpson was found not guilty of those murders, he most certainly was arrested for them.

Simpson acted confused when 1994 was brought up, asking, “For this?” as if he only thought he was being asked about the Las Vegas robbery, which happened in 2007. When told that the conversation was about his first arrest for any reason, Simpson drew a deep sigh.

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