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Teen Snatched at Birth Says Alleged Kidnapper ‘Will Always Be Mom’


Alexis Manigo is speaking out after learning a stunning truth about where she came from. The 18-year-old from South Carolina recently discovered that her mother, Gloria Williams, isn’t her mother after all, but a suspected kidnapper who took her from a Florida hospital just hours after she was born. Now, the woman who raised her is behind bars, and Manigo doesn’t know what to do. She discussed her situation with ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

While Manigo didn’t excuse the alleged kidnapping, she did defend Williams as being a good parent. “I had everything I ever needed, wanted, I had love especially. There is no price you can put on the love that was given to me,” Manigo said. “She will always be mom.”

Manigo acknowledged that life would have been much different had she remained with her biological family, growing up under her given name, Kamiyah Mobley. She finally got to meet her birth parents last week. Manigo admitted that she’s been overwhelmed by the situation, but was grateful for having this new family. “It’s just more love.”

For legal reasons, Manigo didn’t go into how she learned the truth, but authorities stated that DNA testing confirmed that Williams is not Alexis’ biological parent. Williams was arrested and charged with kidnapping, and is scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday. Manigo has been talking to Williams every day since the arrest.

“I understand what she did was wrong, but don’t lock her up and throw away the key.”  Manigo said. “She loved me for 18 years. She cared for me for 18 years.”

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