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Security Guard with Real Gun Stops and Shoots Armed Robbers Using Fake Gun (WATCH)


Viral video shows an armed security guard taking out two attempted robbers in the midst of their almost-heist at a 7-Eleven in Compton, California.

As the video begins, two men wander about the convenience store before making their way to the register. Then, a man wearing a blue pull-over stumbles his way to the top of the counter and pulls out what looks like a gun.

Next, the blue-jacketed man’s black-jacketed accomplice makes for the contents of the register and begins to remove the cash. Almost as soon as he begins, however, a security guard leaps into the frame and front door. And as he does, his gun is quite literally blazing.

Shots are fired and the two hapless robbers duck behind the counter.

At least one of the security guard’s bullets appears to connect with the man in blue. Then, the security guard walks up to the man in black who shouts out that the gun used in the robbery is actually a fake.

The security guard fires again, apparently striking the black-jacketed man as well, and says:

Oh, well mine’s real. Get up, put your hands behind your back.

As the dazed and confused men rise, one asks, “Am I shot?” The security guard responds, “Oh, fuck yeah. Put your hands behind your back. I don’t give a flying fuck.”

Then, while waiting for authorities to arrive, the security guard issues one final directive, “Get on the ground. I don’t give a fuck if you die here right now.”

Initial news reports pegged the above-described incident as having occurred in Hamilton, New Jersey, but that turned out to be false. According to the Hamilton Police Department, no such robbery occurred. Hamilton Police Department spokesman Lt. Mike Kelvy told that the would-be robbery took place in Compton, California after he spoke with officials from 7-Eleven.

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