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Security Guard Allegedly Sucker Punched by Man She Found Almost Passed Out (WATCH)


A fracture under her left eye. A broken nose. That is what security guard Zoe Stigler said she sustained in a brutal attack early Sunday.

Around 2 a.m., she found a currently unidentified man vomiting and almost passed out in front of the Six30 condo complex where she works. She told this individual and his friends they were obstructing a driveway.

Then things escalated. She said this man lost his temper when she told him and his friends they had to move, according to a WLS report.

“He punched me and threw his water bottle all at the same time,” she told NBC 5. “Because a little water got on me. I was expecting the water, not a punch.”

Surveillance footage shows the man and his friends slowly walking away.

Now Stigler may need surgery, and will have to take off work until she heals.

The Chicago Police Department is still investigating.

[Screengrab via Six30]

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