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Roy Moore Thinks It’s Unconstitutional For The Senate To Investigate His Past (VIDEO)


Alabama Senate Republican candidate and accused pedophile Roy Moore told local media in Alabama today that it was “unconstitutional” for the Senate to investigate allegations regarding his past.

“This is a constitutional issue. Like I said, the allegations aren’t true. I’m not voiding that. That is a fact. But you know, further than that is not constitutional for the Senate to do that. You have to look at the Constitution that we’re sworn to uphold. It delineates what the Senate can do and cannot do,” Moore said to WERC.

Is this true? Even Fox News’ Judge Andrew Napolitano says probably not. Quoting Napolitano, a Fox News reporter noted:

[I]f Moore wins the election, the Senate must seat him. However once he’s seated, they can investigate his worthiness for office. That investigation can examine pre-election conduct. If they found any wrong doing, he could be disciplined for pre-election conduct. Neither the house or the Senate have ever expelled a member for pre-election conduct.

Watch the full exchange above.

[image via screengrab/Fox News; video courtesy Fox News]

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