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Police Release Video of Armed Liquor Store Robbery Thwarted When Clerk Shot Suspect to Death


A 22-year-old suspect’s decision to rob a liquor store near Atlanta on Tuesday ended with deadly consequences when the clerk fought back and killed the suspect in a wild shootout.

Police released surveillance video of the incident early Thursday afternoon and it shows the suspect entering the Happy’s Package Store, jumping over the counter and confronting the clerk while holding a gun.

Seemingly unbeknownst to the suspect, the clerk was also armed and fought back.  According to the clerk, a brief struggle ensued and the suspect fired at least two shots.   The clerk then returned fire and the suspect then attempted to flee.

“The next thing I know he started to fire. He shot twice,” the clerk told a local reporter from WSB-TV. “I shot back. I got him.”

The suspect was hit during the shootout and collapsed after running about 50 yards outside the store.  He died of his wounds a while later at the hospital. Police are now releasing the surveillance video of a shootout inside a DeKalb County business during an armed robbery.

The shootout between the store clerk and the armed suspect happened Tuesday evening at the Happy’s Package Store on Rockbridge Road in DeKalb County. The video shows the 22-year-old man suspect walk into the store, jumping the counter and confronts the clerk holding a gun.

The clerk spoke to Channel 2’s Liz Artz about the gun battle.

“The next thing I know he started to fire. He shot twice,” the clerk said. “I shot back. I got him.”

The gunman ran about 50 yards before collapsing. He later died from a gunshot wound at Grady Memorial Hospital. According to local reports, the suspect is believed to be behind additional armed robberies that have occurred in the same area in recent weeks.

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