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Parents Furious After Video Showed Teachers Playing ‘F**k, Marry, Kill’ Game About Special Needs Students


Parents in Bangor, Michigan were horrified when video surfaced of school employees discussing which students they would have sex with, including ones with special needs. Two teachers and a secretary in the Bangor public school system resigned after they were caught sitting at a bar playing, “F**k, Marry, Kill,” or “FMK,” a game where people list three names and decide which ones they would, er, F, M, or K.

At one point in the video, someone notes that FMK is better when played with celebrities instead of students.

When parents heard their children’s names mentioned as subjects of the game, outrage spread throughout the Bangor school district. Portions of the video above aired in television news segments, after the original was posted on YouTube ( blurred the people involved to protect their identities, as none have been charged with any crimes).

One local mother, Jennifer Prentice, told FOX17 “It’s disturbing to know that these are our educators … in charge of protecting our children, keeping our children safe, and the fact that they just blew that out of the water shows their character and shows that maybe they’re not right for this job.”

The father of one of the students named in the video said, “You teach your kids to respect authority, and then how do you respect authority figures when they behave like that?”

Initially, only the school superintendent’s secretary resigned after the video aired on television, with four teachers getting verbal reprimands and two teachers being suspended. On Tuesday, however, the suspended teachers also announced their resignations.

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