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MUST WATCH: ‘Trump’ Interviews High-Profile Attorneys to Represent Him in Hilarious TV Segment


The way President Donald Trump has paraded his assortment of private attorneys in front of the cameras, one could almost imagine the former reality show host having a televised special where he interviews potential lawyers. Well, imagine no more, since Comedy Central’s The President Show did just that in a new sketch where POTUS consults with celebrity attorneys Gloria AllredAlan Dershowitz, and Ron Kuby. While actor Anthony Atamanuik played Donald Trump, the attorneys all appeared as themselves.

Trump began with Allred, giving a disclaimer that he would not shake her hand because he doesn’t want to get sued for touching her inappropriately. Allred is currently representing Summer Zervos in a defamation lawsuit against the President, with a claim that Trump falsely accused her of making up sexual assault allegations.

Dershowitz assured Trump that their conversation was privileged, resulting in a string of bizarre confessions, such as, “I have a small heart attack four times a day.”

Trump peppered the lawyers with questions such as, “What’s my biggest legal issue?” “Can I sue James Comey?” and “Can you keep me out of jail?”

In the end, Allred was the first to hear, “You’re fired.” Kuby was dismissed next for being “a dirty hippie.” Things looked good for Dershowitz at that point, but even he got the axe for being “too Jewish, even for me.”

So who did Trump pick? Watch the clip and see for yourself.

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