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Man in Star Wars Mask Robs Donut Shop (VIDEO)


A man in a Star Wars character mask robbed a donut shop in Belmont, California.

On early Monday morning, September 18, the gun-toting individual made his way into Chuck’s Donuts.

In video released by the Belmont Police Department, a tallish man can be seen sporting a clone trooper mask, backwards ball cap, green shirt and blue jeans as he haltingly makes his way to the cash register.

The masked man removes his gun and the clerk on duty puts up her hands. Words appear to be exchanged, but there is no audio in the video.

The clerk then removes a small amount of money from the till, places it on the counter with precision and raises the change drawer to show her assailant that he’s cleaned her out before discovering one final bill, which she quickly hands over as well. She then signals completion by raising both hands into the air.

The man ignores the clerk’s tip jar as he walks away.

No injuries occurred and no lightsabers were involved.

[image via screengrab]

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