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Man Gets Back at DMV by Bringing In Wheelbarrows of 300,000 Pennies to Pay Taxes


A Virginia man became so frustrated with his local department of motor vehicles that he decided to strike back by showing up with five wheelbarrows full of change on Wednesday to pay the sales tax on a car he recently purchased.

Nick Stafford posted the entire backstory on his blog behind what culminated with him showing up at the local DMV with $2,987.45 worth of unrolled pennies to pay the sales tax due on a pair of vehicles he purchased last year. The pennies weighed over 1600 pounds.

According to Stafford’s account, the “DMV started counting the pennies using automated coin counting machines but the machines were jamming so they [had to start] counting the pennies by hand . . . .”

He added, “As of right now it is 6:08 p.m. and all the DMV employees are staying late to finish counting.”

Stafford claims it ultimately took nearly 12 hours for the employees to complete counting the 298,745 pennies by hand.

During an interview with one local outlet, Stafford said he did all of this simply to “inconvenience” the DMV for not providing him with a phone number to call and answer questions he had about the vehicle purchase and titling process. He also filed several state records request lawsuits and claims to have spent an additional $1,000 in the process simply “to prove a point.”

Filing a lawsuit against the DMV “took time out of my day, so I brought pennies here to the DMV to register two vehicles – that is the reason,” Stafford said.

“Since they’re going to take time out of my day, I was going to extend that same courtesy to them,” he explained.

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