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VIDEO: Suspect’s Pants Down as He Tries, Fails to Open Safe


Pro-tip for next time you commit burglary: Wear clean underwear.

Police in Dickinson, Texas say two men tried to break into a local BBQ restaurant Tuesday at 2 a.m., and as you can see by the video above, one did his best to crack into an office safe with a sledge hammer. He made an interesting fashion choice, with his pants hanging down below his butt. It’s unclear if they fell down during the depicted incident or if that’s his normal style—he didn’t even bother to lift it up while apparently scanning the room for more loot.

Police say they also burglarized a Mexican restaurant in nearby League City.

“They were driving a white SUV,” cops say. “The SUV has a significant dent in the left rear side. One burglar was tall and thin, wearing a green hooded jacket and black pants, which he had a difficult time keeping from falling down. The second burglar was shorter and was wearing a grey hooded jacket, with a possible Polo logo on the chest, and red pants.” They also reportedly had a crowbar.

Anyone with information is invited to contact Detective Jeffrey Peterson at 281-337-6341, [email protected]; or League City Detective Recie Tisdale at 281-338-4189, [email protected].

[Screengrab via Surveillance footage and Dickinson Police Department]

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