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Watch Apparently Homophobic D.C. Officers Make Fun Of Burglary Victim


Home surveillance video shows two Washington, D.C. police officers going beyond the promise of protection and service.

When Clarence Williams reviewed his own security camera footage following a break-in while abroad, he caught the burglar in action and some choice antics from two of the District’s finest.

Initially, responding to Williams’ alarm, the police simply knock on the front door, wait a few seconds, and then leave.

Eight hours later, after a complaint filed by Williams’ neighbors over the broken back door, the police actually make an effort and force their way into the burgled home and then proceed to make light of the situation.

Those officers are the Seventh District’s Theodore Harvey, Jr. and Sanave Rolin.

They start off by listing what was stolen in a prior burglary using a mocking tone and then let loose some thin blue homophobia:

“Armani, Dolce and Gabbana…he is probably gay.”

After that, a female police officer dances not once, but twice–an apparent nod to outmoded and gendered slurs about gay men. The other officers look on and laugh at the seemingly homophobic display.

In an interview with the local NBC affiliate, Williams said, “I am feeling disillusioned. I am feeling upset.”

After reviewing the shocking footage, Williams filed an official complaint.

LawNewz reached out to the Metropolitan Police Department for further information, which released the following statement in response:

“We are aware of the complaint that was filed against two Seventh District officers for their actions on the scene of a residential burglary in the 400 block of Woodcrest Drive, Southeast earlier this month. The officers were placed on non-contact status for misconduct following the initial complaint, however, our internal investigation remains ongoing at this time.

Their behavior is not representative of the inclusive environment we work tirelessly to uphold on a daily basis for residents and visitors of D.C. We remain committed to providing positive interactions with all and hold the trust of the community in high regards.”

The burglary occurred earlier this month on August 8.

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