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Dan Abrams Compares Indicting Jeff Sessions To Hillary Clinton, ‘Nearly Impossible’


All the talk about Jeff Sessions meeting with the Russian ambassador last year, despite saying at his confirmation hearing that he had no contacts with Russia during the campaign, has people — specifically Democrats in Congress — talking about perjury. Sessions clearly said something under oath that was not true, so it should be an open and shut case, right? Wrong. founder Dan Abrams discussed this on “Good Morning America” Friday morning, and said that it is “beyond unlikely” that Sessions will be indicted. “Proving that he did it on purpose would be nearly impossible, based on what we know right now,” Abrams said. Sessions has claimed that when he said he hadn’t met with Russians during the campaign, he was speaking in reference to the campaign itself. When he spoke with the ambassador in July and September of 2016, it was supposedly in Sessions’ capacity as a Senator.

Abrams likened this legal situation to Hillary Clinton and her private email server. While there was no doubt that she acted improperly, Abrams wrote extensively about why charges in that case should not have been filed either. As Abrams explained, “Wrong doesn’t make it criminal.”

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