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Creepy Video Shows Attorney Attempting to Put Woman Into Trance for Sexual Gratification


An incredibly creepy video has been released showing portions of a police sting involving an Ohio lawyer who pleaded guilty last year to hypnotizing clients for his own sexual pleasure.

The video was obtained by a local Ohio news outlet and shows attorney Michael Fine hypnotizing a woman during a 2014 appointment with a client seeking a divorce.

“Let’s take a deep breath . . . one more time. Ok, I gotta calm down, let’s do this together,” Fine says to the unidentified woman.

He continues, “Each time I say the word sleep, you’re gonna go deeper and deeper, ten times deeper. One, two, three, sleep … one, two, three sleep.”

Fine was disbarred and pleaded guilty to charges in 2016 of putting five other women into trances for his own sexual gratification.

The woman in the video reportedly went to police after realizing she seemed to lose track of time during previous visits to Fine’s office.

The police appear to have placed a hidden camera inside her purse and as the hypnosis session began he moved to the couch and got more graphic and sexual. That’s when cops bursted in the room and caught Fine totally off guard.

Several of the women have filed civil lawsuits and an attorney told the news station she did not believe the public was fully aware of how capable Fine was of actually hypnotizing women.  She stressed the victims were not naive or unintelligent.

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