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City Releases Video of College Football Player Punching Woman


It took two years, but authorities finally released surveillance video showing Oklahoma Sooners player Joe Mixon punching out a woman at a cafe. He plead guilty to the July 25, 2014 incident in exchange for a year-long probation, 100 hours of community service, and therapy.

Recordings of such striking crimes don’t stay hidden for long, especially if these happen in a reasonably public space. However, a Cleveland County District judge ruled in 2015 that the video did not depict “an arrest or cause of arrest,” according to NewsOK. Otherwise, the City of Norman, Oklahoma would have had to release it. A state appeals court upheld that ruling since Mixon, 22, apparently showed up to court voluntarily. In other words, he wasn’t technically arrested. But the Oklahoma Supreme Court overturned that on December 6, saying that he was technically in custody since the judge at his arraignment ordered him to go to the sheriff’s office until he could post bail.

The victim, 22-year-old Amelia Molitor, is suing Mixon in federal court after the punch fractured bones in her face. His attorneys say she started an argument outside the restaurant, and punched her after she pushed him and kept putting her hands on him. She says he followed her into the restaurant to start another argument, which led to her pushing him.

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