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‘They Have Him Where They Want Him’; Dershowitz Encourages Republicans To Attack Mueller


Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz encouraged Republicans to step up their attacks on special counsel Robert Mueller.

During a Wednesday morning appearance on Fox & Friends, the outspoken legal celebrity argued that GOP attacks on Mueller were working and should continue.

While insisting that President Donald Trump would be foolish to actually fire Mueller, Dershowitz said:

I would play the refs. I would keep the pressure on Mueller. Mueller is very concerned about his reputation.

The past few weeks have seen a spate of attacks on Mueller and his army of attorneys. Fueled by conservative media outlets, the GOP has accused Mueller of conflicts of interest, bias and constitutional violations.

Dershowitz, who frequently likes to remind people he’s actually a Democrat, continued to cast aspersions about Mueller and egg on his Republican attackers—while discounting entirely the basis for Trump to be impeached. He said:

They have him where they want him. He’ll probably lean over backwards to make any close calls in favor of Trump, so I think it would be now foolish to try to fire him, which would create a political scandal, probably move toward impeachment—although there’d be no justification for that.

Host Steve Doocy was quick to agree that Republicans had been successful with their attacks on Mueller.

Dershowitz basked in Doocy’s praise and continued on, saying, “He’s playing right into their hands,” Dershowitz said. “I have to tell you, I had an enormous amount of respect for Mueller having seen him up close when he was in Boston and in the government. He is not playing this effectively, he is being sloppy.”

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