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‘I Just Happen to Enjoy Cooking’: Wife of GOP Official Disastrously Defends Husband Over Misogynist Meme


Today, at an Atlantic County, New Jersey Freeholder’s meeting, Joann Carman, the wife of GOP Freeholder John Carman took to the podium to stand by her man. Twice, Mrs. Carman tried to say that her husband wasn’t a misogynist, but her message was lost as it became clear that was totally unfamiliar with the term. Twice, she stumbled over pronunciation, saying “I know for a fact that my husband is not a misog-in-igist, or whatever that word is.”


This all stems from a Facebook meme that her husband, an elected official, posted over the weekend which reads, “Will this Women’s Protest Be Over in Time for Dinner?”

Mr. Carman’s dutiful wife went on to call him “a very decent man” with “a sense of humor.” She continued to rail against critics, saying that “the world has lost their sense of humor.” Her statement continued:

“I worked for many years. I just happen to enjoy cooking and baking and doing yard work and supporting my husband in whatever he may want to get involved with.” She went on to proclaim her husband “not a racist” – and backed up that proclamation by staying “Anybody who thinks he’s a racist… I do not do Facebook. I do not do social media and I will speak because I am totally offended. I don’t even do computers.”

Mrs. Carman was just one of several character witnesses who took to the podium to vouch for Freeholder Carman. Several individuals spoke to Carman’s long history of working with veterans and supporting the American Legion. Friends and family alike defended Carman’s posts, saying that everyone needs to “lighten up” and one promising, “we all know where the other people are voting. You have nothing to be ashamed of. I’ll be standing next to you at the range next time holding the American flag. God bless you.”


In perhaps one of the worst attempts at mansplaining ever, Carman got to the mic himself and blamed his bad judgment on being “blessed” to have been surrounded by “strong, confident women” who had the good sense not to be offended by his joke. At that point, the majority of the women (who, based on Carman’s logic, must be a bunch of whiny weaklings) walked out on the remainder of Carman’s remarks, which, incidentally, did not include any discussion of respect for peaceful demonstration or any acknowledgment that many of his constituents participated in last Saturday’s Women’s March.

I think Mrs. Carman’s heckler said it best: “Bullshit.”



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